Ministry of Interior – Qatar

Client Introduction

The Ministry of Interior (MOI) was established with the independence of the State of Qatar, and immediately started to set up different divisions to create and institute security in the country. MOI used all resources to build security institutions as quickly as possible; this effort was done in an optimal time frame to ensure crime prevention by security forces.

Situation & Challenges

The Ministry of Interior (MOI) aimed to utilize the latest in information/communications technologies to improve the efficiency, transparency and accountability of The Ministry's day to day activities. By implementing a stat-of-the-art web presence, e-services & infrastructure, MOI was seeking to achieve the following goals:

  • Better service delivery to citizens
  • Improved services for business
  • Transparency & anticorruption
  • Empowerment through information

Qatar is a fast growing country and MOI has a wide operation. MOI's web presence and e-services are critical to meeting today’s citizens, residents and businesses expectations of interacting with the Ministry. It enables MOI to align efforts as needed to significantly improve services and reduce operating costs. Citizens, residents and business owners can visit MOI web site to get all what they need from the Ministry.

Furthermore, the Ministry was seeking to have its IT team properly trained, in order to operate and further develop the day-to-day needs of the Ministry. Therefore, the project also focused on training and transferring knowledge to MOI IT staff.


Partnering with Gulf Business Machines (GBM), Afkar was able to deliver a professional web site taking into consideration that the ministry is part of Qatar e-Government project.

What makes MOI's web site special and different is its ability to offer all the forms needed to process with almost all the ministries activities in electronic format, where visitor can access these forms, read the instructions, fill them on real time, then print and present them to the concerned department for next action.

Ministry of Interior official bilingual web site gives public information on a wide range of topics related to the Ministry. Afkar utilized the latest portal-based technology which resulted in a consistent web site and an easy-to-navigate experience, ensuring fast and reliable availability of the latest information.

The web site aims at creating awareness about various social issues and the Ministry’s activities. Detailed information about each and every department is available. It also provides detailed information about the documentation required for processing visa applications, the fees payable, renewal of residence permit, traffic rules, the procedure for getting a driving license, renewal of the license, fines payable for various types of traffic rule violations and a host of related issues where queries are answered through e-mail.